Born in Los Angeles, California in 1943 Laurin Rinder grew up with an appreciation of the arts. His artistic background started with music where he learned to play several instruments. His passion for music would lead him to a very successful musical career that spanned over 35 years.

He played drums on some of the earliest rockabilly and Rhythm and Blues hits of the late 50's and early 60's.
In addition to his success as a musician he also became a successful composer and producer. He composed and produced the music for hundreds of television shows, numerous feature films as well as producing 51 jazz and Rhythm and Blues albums.

During all his years in music he never lost sight of his love of photography and art. He owned and ran a large successful photo studio in Laguna Beach, where he shot over 15 album covers, photographed numerous women for the Eileen Ford agency, and did product and catalog work for magazines and worldwide antique dealers. He is also considered one of the driving forces in the world of microstock photography.

Laurin also created paintings which along with his photographs have been shown throughout the USA in one-man shows, as well as group exhibits. His work has also been purchased by private collectors around the world.

For the last several years Laurin's attentions have turned in the direction of teaching and sharing his artistic insight to others.

On many levels the life of David Smith mirrors that of Laurin's. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1951 he also developed a love of the arts early in life. He studied music, played with several bands during his teenaged years, dabbled in painting, learned photography but there seemed to be something else pulling him in another direction. That "something else" turned out to be his desire to help society in some small way.

David was able to accomplish that when he decided to dedicate his life to law enforcement. In 1978 he became a police officer and would spend almost 30 years in the profession that he loved. He rose through the ranks from patrolman to tactical officer, to detective, then Sergeant and finally Lieutenant.

During his time on the police force David never abandoned his love of creating photographic images. He worked for a studio as a wedding photographer for several years and would engage in landscape photography whenever possible.

When he retired in 2007 his thoughts returned once again to photography. With a great deal of time on his hands David contacted someone who he knew would point him in the right direction, his cousin Laurin Rinder.

David first contacted Laurin in 2004 when he was doing research for a book he was writing on his family history. After several phone calls and emails regarding the book David told Laurin that he loved photography and wanted to get back into it. Laurin became David's mentor and the seeds of a partnership were planted.

With the same photographic ideals and the same desire to help others Laurin and David decided to join forces and form Rinder Smith Photography. The partnership would allow them to write books on photography as well as put on workshops all over the United States and hopefully in the future, the world.

The Rinder Smith client list includes New Century Mortgage, Bostic Corporation, PRS Guitars, The Ford Modeling Agency, World Models, C and S Nursery, Pasadena Jazz Institute, Invision Communications, Le'Bra Lingerie, Ita-Cho Restaurant, Dengeos Restaurant, Jewel Foods and 9-1-1 Magazine.